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Back from Spring Break with renewed romantic strength! :D

So i'm now back from my Spring Break with a lot of renewed romantic energies. ^^ While it wasn't that eventful, it was still pretty good. ^_^

A majority of my time, I mostly stretched and exercised, while playing mostly Saints Row 2 and Street Fighter IV as well as also managing to watch the first episode of Dragonball Kai, which to some who haven't known yet is a High Def remodeling remake of the original Dragonball Z, and pretty much speeds it up a little bit and more. ^^ An incredible huge and drastic thing over Dragonball Z. Now i'm interested that since the recent Pokemon episodes are in HD, that they could put the original series in HD as well...hmmmm...maybe also Fist of the North Star or Great Teacher Onizuka...hmmmm...

While on the subject of Dragonball, if anyone asks me if I went to see Dragonball: Evolution, its a flat out NO, because until that comes out on DVD or Blu-Ray eventually, i'm not touching it no matter how far Gokus Noyibo goes!

Besides, Dragonball Kai is definitely worth seeing. I also downloaded the first episode of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, but I haven't watched it yet.

I also managed to watch all three episodes of Red Dwarf: Back to Earth, so all of you dwarfers out there, go smeggin see it ya smegheads! :D

On Wednesday, Strider and a few friends and I went to Mitsuwa and I managed to eat a nice (large) bowl of Ramen and some beef curry on the side and they were both incredibly delicious. :D As well as it being under $6, it was definitely worth it. :D

Along its side, it had a nice little anime and manga shop, which had some good stuff that I intend to get in the future, as well as a small area that had Japanese dramas and anime to rent. From Urutsei Yatsura to Pokemon episodes far back to the Johto episodes my eyes were watering since I finally found a place that had them, as well as a place that had old Super Sentai and Kamen Rider stuff as well. :D

Nearby was a nice little electronics place which sold some imported games, and across from there was the Kotobukiya Japanese bookstore which had books, movies, CDs and manga up the wazoo! They even had the soundtracks to Dissidia: Final Fantasy and Gackts latest album which had his tracks from Kamen Rider: Decade in it and possibly the theme song he sung from the Japanese version of 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles'. So I pretty much looked to see what to get eventually and then went back to focusing on the weekend, where I would be hopefully performing both Lysistrata and Othello.

And now the sad part: a majority of the cast on the plays decided to drop out and barely say a word, so without a majority of the cast, we now got no show to show, so the directors and the remaining cast members and I decided to pitch together, throw some ideas out, figure out what went wrong and how we could fix them, and decided to postpone the shows until June.

So, for those who were hoping to see me act as Cassio in Othello and a couple of wierdos in Lysistrata, they'll have to wait until June, and i'll let everyone know. That is, hopefully by around the time Fanime rolls around, i'll have more information and hopefully some tickets to sell. ~_^

I don't find it a complete disappointment though, but at least it'll give me time to focus my energies on a few things, such as school, Fanime and a few things, and when rehearsal time rolls by, i'll be more prepared for it! :D

That, plus I also got the dance recital that i'm doing for my tap and possibly Hip-Hop class. That, I have to get going to.

Anyways, hows everyone else doing? ^_^
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