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Peanut, Popeyes, and Popcorn

This past weekend, Strider/Vince, a few friends and I went to see Jeff Dunham over at the HP Pavillion and as always he was incredibly hilarious. :D Along with the guitar guy, he had Walter, Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Peanut, Jose Jalapeno on a Stick and also finally Bubba Jay to finish things off. While there were some jokes that were already used in previous shows, hearing it from them live felt like as if I was hearing them for the first time again. XD!!

It was still a pretty hilarious show with Jeff and the puppets pretty much pulling out new jokes from out of nowhere and Achmed singing the 'Blown Myself Up Blues'.

Although it was pretty late when I got home from the show, I had to pack up a few things and leap over to Mikes to sleep at the night. Interestingly, it was relaxing to sleep on the couch again, since unlike my current bed, the couch is incredlbly soft. XD.

So I slept from 4-11AM and then spent my day, taking care of Mikes son, Miguel, doing a few homework essays, as well as a few curls on a 30lb. bar and watching a bunch of anime on demand. I watched the first 3 episodes of Vampire Princess Miyu, three episodes of Azumanga Daioh, two episodes of Great Teacher Onizuka, and the first episodes of Solty Rei and Get Backers. Then as the doods gathered up, we soon watched Bedtime Stories which is a very hilarious movie. XD!!

Interestingly, I feel incredibly stiff, yet incredibly energized....I have to admit people, I am in love with someone...but i'm not yet ready to tell the lady how I feel yet...but I will be soon. ^_^

But back on topic, today (or now yesterday of 4-20) was my dads birthday, and my mom made a very delicious dinner of rice, pansit, adobo, lumpia and fried tilapia. I would've had some cake, but theres enough for breakfast. ^^

However, during the day, I received a couple of calls from a couple of places I dropped off an application at the Great Mall. ^^ One is Kettlepop, a new place that sells popcorn of various flavors where i'll have an interview at in the afternoon. And then on Friday, I have an interview at the Victorias Secret for a Stock Position. ^_^ So hopefully i'll get either one job or both. ^^

Anyways, time to recharge my everexpanding romantic energies, pray and hope for the best. :D I'll keep everyone updated. :D

So hows everyone up to? :D
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