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Back from Fanime! :D

Yes, oh yes people, I am back from one of the best Fanimes yet! :D And its been taking me days to upload everything up on My Space, Facebook and Photobucket. :D

And here are all of the pics:


I have to say that this has been one of the best Fanimes that i've ever been to. This time, everyone over there seemed to have a very fun time this time and that everyone seemed to enjoy it with everyone around them, no matter who everyone is, no matter where they came from and what they do. ^^

I definitely cannot wait for next year. :D Although first things first....I shall look for a job.

But along with all of that, I must thank for everyone who has set up Fanime, as well as attended it for all of the supreme awesomeness that Fanime has provided everyone there. Without everyone, it would not be possible! :D

Pretty much, the most popular cosplay that I had over there, was my Ash Ketchum cosplay. That, plus I had a few pics taken of me with a few other cosplayers, which were mostly Ash and Mistys. ^_^

Oh hell yeah...the Pokeshipping Romantic Energies are flowing in Fanime! ;D

But along with that, with meeting a majority of the cast from Resident Evil 5, as well as watching an awesome Lupin the III and Detective Conan crossover, as well as a bunch of cosplay pics and tons of stuff of supreme awesomeness, it was an incredibly awesome and sweet con experience. :D

Will I be there next year? Hell yeah I will! :D Fanime just keeps getting better and better every year for me, since its one of the few places where I can see my friends and meet a lot of people with their own experiences as well. :D

I think the thing with Fanime is that its one of the best examples of the human spirit....without everyone pitching in, it wouldn't be where it is today. :D And to me, its what makes Fanime awesome. :D

Anyways, hows everyone else been doing? :D
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