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Put aside logic, do what feels right.

So heres an update from me, finally. ^^

Life for me for the past few weeks has been somewhat a little boring for me until recently. ^^ Although some of the highlights for me a couple weeks ago included me, Vince and our dad went out to watch the new Star Trek movie, which is incredibly awesome from start to end, but for those of you who haven't seen that yet, I won't spoil anything at all, but its inspiring to see. ^^

Things have definitely been looking up for me since i've just started training at a cool job that I was introduced to, and also i've been hanging out with a lot of my friends, as well as waking up early more often to go somewhere. ^^

Interestingly, while these last few days involve me socializing more often, i've also been waking up more earlier these days...as well as heading to bed much later...like 3AM later and up at 7-8AM. XD.

But ya know...thats the kind of guy I am....I say screw the bad crap in life and live for the moment. ^^ Besides, while things are starting to look up for me, I also hope that things are starting to look up for everyone else here as well. ^_^ Besides, we all have a lot to do in life....and as long as we go for it, we'll get what we're working for. :D

I've also been exercising more, meditating and breathing often and chatting with friends, as well as eating and cooking some good food. ^^ Speaking of good food, I recently found a nice drink to go along with lunch and dinner over at Costco, and that drink is 'Pepsi Natural'.

What 'Pepsi Natural' is, is that it is a Pepsi formula made with natual spring water, a natural sugar and some kind of nut flavoring which name escapes me right now. ^^ However, due to this it absolutely has no high fructose corn syrup in it as well. ^^ And its also in a glass bottle, which makes it more natural in its own way. ^_^

Although I should get back to drinking Pepsi One again soon....but luckily I compensate with 2 glasses of milk and 2 glasses of tea a day. ^^ That, plus a lot of water to go with it. :D

Now, I know that even though I say that life is good, it does have its downsides to it, but why bother with it? ^^ Like water, I swerve around the bad stuff like i'm doing parkour to it and then rush out to the good things in life. ^_^

I also managed to get a copy of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete on Blu-Ray at Target and i'm incredibly impressed with it....an incredible and inspiring improvement over the original Advent Children that i'm still shaking with extreme joy over it. :D

Now its starting to rain outside as well....I don't mind...it should help make the night extremely relaxing, while it prepares me to kick ass tomorrow. :D

Anyways, hows everyone doing? :D
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