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Riseeeeee! :D

Sooo i've once again erupted from a cocoon that I was in due to a nose cold a couple weeks ago. A couple weeks ago, I had a horrible stuffy nose which is all gone now. ^^ So now that I can breathe again, i'm regaining the stamina that I lost the last couple of weeks had suffocated out of me.

On Monday though, Vincent, a few friends and I went to the HP Pavillion to see WWE RAW, and the awesome part about it was that they taped TWO entire episodes of RAW (so for any of you WWE fans out there, the second RAW that was taped on Monday will be shown this upcoming Monday) and both of them were very excellent. ^^ Those RAWs together were much more better than the Great American Bash show that was shown a couple years back. ^^

Shortly after the shows, my mom had made her return from the Philippines and with a lot of dried fish and squid to eat. ^^ Dried Squid is always tasty. :D

So along with increasing my health again, training for work, summer school, and a few hangouts with friends and some Burn Notice marathons, everythings all cool. :D So hows everyone else doing? ^_^
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