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Okay phone you could ring now.....thats enough. ^^

Well, i've been feeling a bit out of whack for a while due to getting adjusted to school again in hot weather and a few other things. I haven't managed to pass my Life-Only test yet, but once I shake out my anxiety for it, i'll be ready. :D As well as finishing up the 4th unit of my Elementary Algebra class, I have a good feeling that i'll be able to meet more of my goals by the end of the year. ^_^

Also, while I haven't been working on my Pokeshipping Fanfic, I have been working on more of my 'Project: Ash and Misty Romantic Anniversary' for a while, such as my playlist and i'm getting prepared for finally making a few AMVs. ^^

Plus, my mom just headed into culinary school in hopes of eventually obtaining a job as a chef. ^_^ As for me...well it all depends on when I find more recruits and clients. ^^

Gamewise, Dissidias been a tonful of kickass fun. ^^ I still haven't gotten past Shade Impulse yet, but leveling up the Cosmos characters has been pretty fun while looking for a good moveset to use for them. ^^ My top characters are Zidane, Cecil, Cloud, Terra and Tidus and I will start on the Chaos characters soon. ^^

My X-Box 360 has returned from the dead thanks to the towel trick, so I can play on it again! :D And my Gold account is still fresh, so add me those who want to challenge me online! :D

Pokemon Pearl is....well Pokemon Pearl....I want Heart Gold already! :D And lucky to you Platinum players who are able to get Oaks letter. ^^

Oh well...I still got me a Shaymin to snuggle with. ^^ (Cuddles up to Greenhill)

I know I have a few memes to do, but don't worry, i'll get them done...just gotta find more pics. :D
Anyways, hows everyone else doing? :D
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