Eddie Wilson (moogleborg) wrote,
Eddie Wilson

Open your mind.....open it!

Dang...haven't updated this thing for a while so....(vacuums the dust off)

Well, i've been having myself a series of interviews for a small handful of retail stores over the past months of October and December. After 8 or 9 interviews, and after a couple of skipped drama classes, i've managed to snag myself two....not one....but TWO new jobs! :D

My first new job is over at Coach at the Great Mall in Milpitas, where i've had my last few jobs. Its a sales floor job where I help out people with merchandise as well as keep everything organized (and also make sure that the staffers have their spirits up too. ^_^)

The second one is an on-call barback job over at the San Jose Convention Center. ^_^ Right where Fanime is held, as well as the facilitys surrounding it. ^^ So i'm pretty much responsible for helping the bartenders with their stuff and making sure that they're stocked up. ^_^ And the good thing about it being on call, is that if i'm not buzy during the time of an event, I could work it once I see if i'm able to work that day. Luckily they give me a weeks notice on it. ^^

So since i'm working again, i'm hoping to get everything up and ready for Fanime soon. :D Working at both Coach and the Convention Center have been fun so far, and its all cool too. ^_^

Black Friday was incredibly hectic, and i'm almost done recovering from it, and once i'm done with my dance recital over the weekend, i'll tackle that unit of Elementary Algebra that i've been working on over the semester!

Anyways, hows everyone else been doing? :D Anyone want a Christmas card from me? :D E-mail me at moogleborg@gmail.com. ^_^
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