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Half man, half moogle, all....something, kupo!

A Hyperactive, high flying, martial arts kicking, spell casting, gaming otaku!

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Eddie Wilson
17 March 1984
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Name: Charles Eduardo (Eddie) Wilson
Goes by: Charles, Eddie, Edge, Ed. (Mostly Eddie)

How did you get the name 'Moogleborg' from?: I got it from a pretty old fan fic....it crossed over a bunch of RPG characters and sci-fi stuff, and it also featured the Borg from Star Trek, and after a fight with a bunch of Moogles, the Moogles were captured and taken in to be assimilated by the Borg. Now dubbed 'The Moogleborg' they come around terrorising peeps with the cry of "WE ARE THE MOOGLEBORG, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! WE WILL ASSIMILATE YOU AND THEN EAT YOU, KUPO!!" They were however, weak without their leader, in which after the leader dies, the Moogleborg cower and play FFVI. Luckily, i'm not like them! ^_~

Who are you?!: I am like any other person....a human bieng...but I believe that I act a lot like a moogle and I absorb information like the Borg assimilates their info...I am a 22 year old college student, currently employed at a huge resturaunt chain named Dave and Busters and formerly employed at a Arbys fast food resturaunt in a mall, and i'm aiming to be a entertainer in the future.

I'm straight (and damn proud of it! But don't think for one second that i'm a homophobe...i'm a guy of love, not hatred! ^^), a believer in true love (friendship must never be betrayed in love and for love!), a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do, a green belt in Karate, a strong willed and optimistic martial artist, a dancer, an actor, and while I learn everyday, I live life to its fullest. I have also been the Defender of Ash and Mistys love, and also the defender of true love and kawaiiness for many years, because to me, true love doesn't just happen...but it develops over time, and it might take a long time for it to blossom.

I play video games, and I am a big fan of Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Metroid, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, Kingdom Hearts...a lot of the video gaming stuff! Its practically in my blood! ^^ I also play the Yu-Gi-Oh card game and run a Dark Magician Deck, and i'm also planning on playing the Magic: The Gathering and Duel Masters card games in the future.

I am also an anime Otaku and I have seen dozens of anime. I have also attended the Fanime-con in Santa Clara and San Jose, CA for about 3+ years and am intending to go to it for the rest of my life! ^_^ Due to the inspiration that Anime, video games, pro wrestling, and music have given me, I am also planning a web comic with my twin brother that I will start running in the future.

Although I must note that this is my LJ and everything that I say in here is everything that not only goes on in my life, but also ways to help people live a better life, because lets face it, everyones under a lot of stress these days, but I know that theres someway to help everyone! ^_^ But don't try to force me into stuff that I don't want to do, cause lets not forget people that we're all individuals and as long as we leave a peaceful and beneficial life, its all good! ^_^

And I also welcome a lot of people to add themselves to my journal, and also everyones welcome to add replys to my journal. And if you've got problems, i'll do my best to help them, but if ya got a problem with me, feel free to tell me! ^^

Have a nice day! ^^ Piccys will come in the future! ^_^

akuma, anime, anti-hate, anti-racism, batman, bieng crazy, bieng funny, bieng nice, bieng wierd, bo staves, booker t, capcom, cardcaptor sakura, chi, chobits, daredevil, david carradine, dc comics, devil may cry, diamond dallas page, digimon, dirty pair flash, dragonball z, drew carey, edge and christian, excel saga, fan fiction, fanimecon, fantastic four, fatal fury, final fantasy, final fight, fire emblem, full metal alchemest, gambit, gameboy, gameboy advance, great teacher onizuka, gto, hardy boyz, haunter, ho-oh, hulk hogan, ice climbers, j-pop, jim carrey, kaientai, kane, katamari damacy, ken shamrock, king of fighters, kingdom hearts, kirby, kurt angle, link, love, machamp, magna, married with children, martial arts, marvel comics, maya natsume, mega man, metal gear solid, metroid, monty pythons flying circus, moogles, music, napoleon dynamite, naruto, neon genesis evangelion, ninja, nintendo, nunchucks, oh my goddess, one piece, pffa, playstation, playstation2, pokemon, postitivity, powerpuff girls, red dwarf, rey mysterio jr., rikku, rival schools, rob van dam, sakura kasugano, sakura wars, samurai, samurai champloo, samus aran, sega, sephiroth, shaman king, shinsengumi, sho funaki, sonic the hedgehog, soulcalibur, squaresoft, stone cold steve austin, street fighter, street fighter alpha, strider, strider hiryu, super mario bros., taka michinoku, teen titans, tekken, tenchi muyo, tenjho tenge, the bouncer, the hurricane, the legend of zelda, the simpsons, the slayers, the vision of escaflowne, tohru honda, trigun, undertaker, urutsei yatsura, vampire hunter d, video games, virtua fighter, wierd al yankovic, will smith, wwe cruiserweight title, wwe wrestling, x-men, xiaolin showdown, yu-gi-oh

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